3-year-old hit by car in Cleveland, police searching for suspect

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A 3-year-old child is recovering after being the victim of hit and run Friday night.

The driver is still on the loose.

"He has a hairline fracture to his shoulder and a broken collar bone," said, Caesar's aunt, Latesha Sanders.

It's been a rough few hours for the family of Caesar Sanders.

"It's hard not to want to step around the corner and cry," Latesha Sanders said.

The second youngest in the family, 3-year-old Caesar was struck by a Pontiac Bonneville Saturday night near Kinsman Avenue and East 140th Street as the victim's family were making their way to a family gathering.

"At the time it looked very serious because he was in between consciousness and he didn't seem very alert after it happened," said Latesha.

The driver paused for just a few seconds, but kept going.

"You don't just leave a 3-year-old laying in the middle of the street," Letesha said.

With several other children, most of the burden of the incident lies on Caesar's mother, Christina Sanders, who said that all she wants is for the person behind to wheel to turn themselves in.

"[I want] justice. I just wan't justice. You stopped, but you were aware of what went on and you took off," said Christina.

Although little Caesar only has a few broken bones and a lot of bruises and scrapes, the Sanders family is just thankful that he's still alive.

"It's just not fair that a 3-year-old has to go through that because somebody doesn't want to be accountable for something. So, I do encourage that person to come forward," Letesha said.

If you would like to help Caesar and his family recover, you can click on this link to do so. He will have a long road to recovery.

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