Playing hooky from work? Your boss could be watching

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - If you've ever used a sick day to play hooky from work, you're not alone!

A new CareerBuilder survey revealed that 40 percent of workers have used a sick day when they were actually just fine.

Female workers are more likely than men to take sick days when they are healthy, according to the study.

Beware of what you tell your boss because 38 percent have checked on a sick employee and 26 percent of bosses have fired a worker for lying about a sick day.

Social media has made it easier for an employer to catch an employee lying about a sick day. According to the study, 43 percent of bosses caught an employee playing hooky by checking out their social media posts.

The survey compiled a list of some of the strangest excuses for calling out sick:

  • A bear was in employee’s yard and they were afraid to come out.
  • Employee’s phone exploded and it hurt their hand.
  • Employee ate a toothpick in his food at restaurant.
  • Employee broke his arm wrestling a female bodybuilder.
  • Dog swallowed employee’s car keys so she was waiting until it came out.
  • Employee left his clothes at the laundry mat.
  • Employee was not sure how the solar eclipse would affect them so it would be safer to stay at home.
  • Employee's doctor said she needed more Vitamin D, so she was going to the beach.
  • The employee accidentally boarded a plane.

If you ever need time off to mentally or physically reset from work, Rosemary Haefner of CareerBuilder advises workers to "always be upfront and honest with your boss about the time you need off. Outlandish excuses for calling in sick can raise red flags and can lead to trust issues, so avoid them at all costs."

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