ALERT: Porch bandit busted in Cuyahoga Falls

ALERT: Porch bandit busted in Cuyahoga Falls
Alonzo Porter (Source: Cuyahoga Falls police)

CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH (WOIO) - Authorities have arrested a man suspected of stealing packages from a porch.

Cuyahoga Falls police say the 20-year-old was taken into custody late last week.

The arrest came after police placed a decoy package, with a GPS inside, on the porch of a Graham Road home.

Detectives watched as Alonzo Porter, of Akron, took the package then traced its movement.

Porter was eventually arrested after first lying to investigators. He claimed the package was his.

Earlier this month Cuyahoga Falls police announced they were going to start slipping tiny GPS trackers into or on random items and leave them around town as bait.

Mayor Don Walters and Police Chief Jack Davis both said they hope awareness of the program will deter thieves.

The program has been successful in several cities around the country.

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