Community reacts to man gunned down in popular shopping center plaza

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - The Garfield Heights community is still feeling the effects of a man shot and killed in the parking lot of a local shopping plaza.

"The shooting ended up happening. A bunch of cops were over here. It was madness," David Eck said.

Eck is still trying to process what happened just days ago when Robert Nunley was gunned down right in the parking lot of the Turney Town Shopping Center.

"I live in the city. I work in the city. I grew up in this city and it's just bad news everywhere," Eck said.

The news is so "bad" that people are starting to explore other living options.

"I think I'm packing up to get ready to move to a suburb somewhere," Joseph Fuentes said.

What's even more shocking, the shooting occurred just walking distance away from Garfield Heights High School.

"These kids, they come out here all the time, It's scary," Fuentes said.

We even caught one of those kids.

Seventeen-year-old Destoni McClure said she had no idea the murder was so close to home.

"That's shocking that it's just so close. You wouldn't think that something like that would happen as close, but crime happens everyday," McClure said.

Now most of the concern is for the victim and those mourning his loss.

"At the end of the day, no one know's how painful it is when someone dies," Heaven Aljaleel said.

Those with any information on the shooting are asked to call the Garfield Heights Police Department.

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