High gas prices, more travelers make for stressful Thanksgiving

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Get ready for one of the most stressful Thanksgiving travel seasons in recent memory.

This travel season is expected to be the busiest since 2005.

Despite the high gas prices, approximately 51 million Americans are expected to hit the roads, rails, and air before the Thanksgiving holiday, according to AAA.

AAA forecasts 45.5. million Americans will take to the road this year, relying on an average $2.56 per gallon for gas nationwide. The average cost hasn't been this high since 2014.

Several factors work into the high gas prices this year, which include the effects felt from the Atlantic hurricane season and a major gas main leak.

The airports are also expected to be busier than normal at this time of year. Thanksgiving is already one of the worst times of the year to fly, but with cheaper airfares, 4 million people are expected to travel by plane this holiday season.

Another factor that may impact Thanksgiving travel? Snow is expected in Northeast Ohio late Tuesday and into Wednesday morning. The roads should be treated, but the wintry weather could tie up the interstates depending on when travelers choose to depart.

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