New Lakewood coffee shop welcomes kids and adults

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - A new coffee shop just opened in Lakewood that is unique to Northeast Ohio and already crowded with young customers and their parents.

Play Grounds on Madison Avenue is a place where moms, dads, grandparents, even nannies who love their coffee, can go with the kiddos. The entire space is kid-friendly.

There is plenty of juice and snacks available for the kids. Heck, even a "babyccino."

Kate Goss of Cleveland says she'd already visited Play Grounds four times in the two weeks since it first opened.

"I'm out, and I know that an adult is going to talk to me, and probably someone who has kids, so we have something in common," Goss said.

Caroline Hayes of Lakewood says there are coffee shops she's gone too that have some things for kids to play with, but this is different.

"We were just saying that there is one that we love going to. They have a kids play area, but the whole space isn't devoted to that. So it's nice that in this whole area, everyone knows that kids are going to be playing here, and people that don't really like kids can go to other places," said Hayes.

Play Grounds owner Heather Mariano says she was a new mom when she suddenly found herself looking for a coffee shop where she could bring her kids and maybe make some friends.

"I've always loved coffee shops, and I just dreamed of a place where my kids and I could go and have coffee and snacks and drinks and still be able to play and make noise, and just be welcomed," described Mariano, but she adds she never found a place quite like that. So, she decided she would open one of her own.

Her research revealed that in other major metropolitan areas like New York, or in progressive places like Columbus, you'll find coffee shops that can double as play date meeting spots, but Cleveland didn't really offer that kind of space.

Play Grounds is also designed to give new moms and dads a place to go where they can feel less alone.

"My hope too is that if you are feeling lonely or isolated in new motherhood that this is a place where friendships can form," added Mariano.

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