Board of Election's investigation detects fraudulent ballot requests and prevents illegal votes

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A report given to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections found that Richard Starr, a candidate for Cleveland City Council's Ward 5 seat during the November election, was behind a plan to send dozens of absentee ballots to the Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland.

It is his work location.

Voters requesting absentee ballots are required to have them sent to their home addresses.

Workers at the Board detected 61 Vote-by-Mail applications with the club address ahead of the general election.

Many of the signatures on the requests didn't match with signature cards on file at the Board of Elections.

On Oct. 25, Starr was informed that the practice was not permitted, yet he submitted dozens more requests the next day.

He was asked to attend the full board meeting in October to explain himself, but declined.

The case has now been turned over to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutors Office for further investigation and possible charges.

Voter fraud, if proven, is a felony in Ohio.

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