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Why has gas station hummus gone viral on Facebook in Cleveland?

OLMSTED FALLS, Ohio -- The mere phrase "gas station hummus" got our attention when it started to go viral thanks to a simple Facebook post. 

A couple of weeks ago on the Facebook page NEO Foodies, the conversation of the best hummus the Cleveland area started steering everyone toward one little gas station in Olmsted Falls. 

"This is pumpkin, pomegranate, roasted garlic, spicy, roasted red pepper, beef bacon, roasted jalapeno," Kahalil Dari said as he ran through their selections. 

The hummus is $3.99 and it's $1 for some pita to go with it. 

Dari said what started as a simple question two weeks ago has had people driving from all over.   

"Who has the best hummus? And then they just start shouting out, 'Sunoco Mama Mary's, Mama Mary's.' And they were like who the heck is 'Sonorous?'" he said.

Dari said he amazed by the attention that started with a Facebook post to a group of more than 9,000 people. Members of the group have posted around 100 times about the hummus.

A few members have said they are annoyed with the frequency of the topic, but the still the posts persist. 

"I have no words for it. I did not imagine it was going to take off like this," Muntaha Dari said, who is the woman behind the homemade hummus. 

It's a tiny Sunoco gas station at 9796 Columbia Road in Olmsted Falls and they sell Mama Mary's Hummus that has gotten rave reviews by almost everyone who tastes it with their warm pita chips. 

"This Palestinian family is thrilled at what's happening. When someone comes into the gas station and ask for hummus, they ask, 'Are you from NEO Foodies?' and then it's a love fest! They greet every customer like they're gold," said Kay Ryan-Dale, who is an administer of the popular private Facebook group. 

So what makes it special?

"Even my kids are like, mom if you make an egg it tastes good. What's your secret?" Muntaha said as she put pomegranate seeds on her signature hummus. "And they are like what's the secret, and I'm like I don't know, I can't tell you my secret, I don't have one."

In the past two weeks sales have blown up. When they run out, they simply call up Muntaha, (i.e. Mama Mary) who lives close by and comes in to make more. 

"I think what makes my hummus different is I put all the love in it and the passion that I have for it inside the hummus and I think the actually people taste that," Muntaha said. 

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