Ohio employers recruiting older workers to fill jobs

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - More jobs and more opportunities are pulling older workers back into the workforce.

"I'm an older worker, right? I actually retired and I'm re-employed back here in Cleveland," said Ohio Means Jobs Executive Director Grace Kilbane.

Kilbane not only helps people of all ages find employment, she took time off work only to be drawn back in.

"For me, it was a great transition because I wasn't quite ready to stop working, but I was ready to come home," she said.

Many people are in Kilbane's shoes.

For the first time in nearly 70 years, employees ages 65 and up now outnumber working teens.

"They're not working to pass the time, they're working because they have to," said Cleveland Department of Aging Director Mary McNamara.

McNamara said people are working well into their 70s.

With an improving economy, employers are eyeing valuable workers.

"We do hear employers frequently complain that their biggest problem on that entry-level worker is that they really don't have those skills set up yet, so that's something older workers do have. They've earned it. They've done it," said Kilbane.

"We know older adults bring dependability, they bring a wealth of contacts, they bring a commitment, they're showing up at work and they're also bringing a lifetime of experience," said McNamara.

Combine seasonal jobs, part- and full-time employment, and there's a lot of options for seniors.

"We're living to be older than we used to, so that gives us an opportunity to try different things when we're older from maybe that main job that we had, now we can try something else if we're still interested," said Kilbane.

The holiday season is a great time for people who are older or retired to get into the workforce, but there are jobs year-round.

More information can be found at Ohio Means Jobs.

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