Voters who supposedly requested absentee ballots no where to be found

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - A Cleveland 19 review of addresses and names submitted by the campaign of Cleveland City Council Candidate Richard Starr shows many discrepancies.

The submissions were requests for absentee ballots.

At some of the homes listed as voters residences when reporter Paul Orlousky knocked, no one answered the door.

Two addressed near 77th Street and Woodland Avenue, a CMHA estate don't exist any longer. They were torn down years ago and new housing was built.

At other locations people answered the door but knew nothing of the person on the absentee request.

None had heard of Richard Starr either.

Board of Election's investigation detects fraudulent ballot requests and prevents illegal votes

A Board of Elections investigation began after 65 requests for absentee ballots came from the Boys and Girls Club where Starr worked.

According to Board Director Pat McDonald, "Any time we receive more than 6 requests for a particular location we'll look into it to make sure no shenanigans are happening."

The investigation led workers to get the same results we got. Addresses and names did not match or exist.

Then there is the matter of signatures on request cards.

McDonald says, "The signatures do not match our database so we feel that there are some issues there as well. There's a lot of discrepancies in the signatures for those requests."

The Board investigation is over and the matter is now in the hands of the County Prosecutor for possible felony violations.

When asked if he had any criminal intent Richard Starr said "no".  Adding that he hasn't heard from prosecutors, but does have a lawyer.

"Once I talk to them then we can probably talk," Starr added.

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