Ohio troopers out in full force during Thanksgiving week

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Black Wednesday -- one of the busiest travel and drinking days of the year -- has arrived, which means the Ohio State Highway Patrol will be out in full force.

"We're going to be out heavy this weekend, looking for impaired drivers and enforcing Ohio's seat belt laws, " said Lieutenant Rob Gable

Gable and other state troopers want travelers to make it to their destination safely this Thanksgiving weekend.

The holiday runs today through Sunday night, and more than 51 million people are expected to be traveling, most of them on the roads.

"We are certainly asking for everyone's help in doing that, that everybody will have a little more patience, especially in the metro areas where traffic will tend to back up. We'd ask that everybody prepare for that, leave in plenty of time," said Gable.

Something as simple as running out of gas can cause a major headache for motorists. Tylor Evans found that out Wednesday.

"As soon as I ran out of gas and I stopped, the state trooper was right there to help me out within five minutes. Had no problem. He said I'll take you here. I'll let you go get your gas and your oil and he brought me back. It was very good service. I appreciate it," said Evans.

Gas is expected to be up an average of 41 cents per gallon from last thanksgiving.

AAA expects to respond to 330,000 stranded drivers, including those who've run out of gas, those with flat tires and those who lock themselves out of their vehicles.

"We'll be taking appropriate action for those that show themselves to be danger on the roadways. We'll also be looking for people who exhibit aggressive driving behavior," said Gable.

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