Cleveland Browns barely an opponent in battle for Ohio: Tailgate 19

The Cleveland Browns will play against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. (Source WOIO)
The Cleveland Browns will play against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. (Source WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Tailgate 19 will air live from the Strongsville Brew Garden Sunday, Nov. 26 at 11 a.m.

Battle of Ohio

It hasn't been much of a battle lately. More like a massacre. The Browns have lost six straight to the Bengals, all in blowout fashion (they've been outscored by an average of 30-7). Even the late, great Paul Brown would feel bad for the Browns at this point. But it wasn't always this way. We'll talk about some great Cleveland-Cincinnati showdowns over the years with one player who lived it: Bob Golic.

Still the "Bungals"

Yeah, I know, it's ridiculous for someone who covers the Browns to actually take shots at the Bengals, but this season they're nothing special, either. Only two AFC teams have scored fewer points than Andy Dalton's offense: the Browns and the Dolphins. Dalton, now in his seventh season, continues to put up misleading if not meaningless numbers, as in 16 TD's, offset by 11 turnovers (including 8 interceptions). It doesn't help that their offensive line is a mess. They lost guard Kevin Zeitler to us, and three-time Pro Bowl left tackle Andrew Whitworth to the Rams. Not coincidentally, they're 29th in the league in passing, and even worse (32nd) running the football. Can the Browns defense add to these numbers? Our "Tailgate" crew will weigh in.

Myles to Go!

Myles Garrett should have a big day on Sunday. He's going against Bengals left tackle Cedric Ogbuehi, who's had a miserable time replacing Whitworth. Garrett and Ogbuehi know each other from their days at Texas A&M, but don't expect Garrett to take it easy on his former teammate.

Feed the Crow

Can't believe I'm still typing these words, because if Hue Jackson won't buy in to running the football, why should I? Coach told us last Thursday that it's "AFC North" time, meaning time to run the football in nasty weather. And then he handed the ball to Isaiah Crowell only 11 times against the Jaguars. Like the Jags, the Bengals are vulnerable against the run (27th). Will this be the week that Jackson finally sticks to his promise? I doubt it, but I'll turn to former running back Beanie Wells for his take.

Kizer's Kalamities

What's it going to take for the rookie quarterback to stop turning the ball over? He singlehandedly gave the ball back to the Jaguars four times last Sunday, on a day when the Jags were just begging the Browns to pull out their first win in dramatic fashion. Kizer now has 18 turnovers in 9 games (including 14 interceptions), and only 5 TD tosses. Jackson says he's going to play him the rest of the way, to see what Kizer has "from top to bottom." Well, we've seen enough of the bottom. How about some of the top? Josh Cribbs tells us what Kizer has to do, and what his coaches have to do, for the rookie to finally be in a position to succeed.

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