Cleveland shooting update: Two 15-year-old suspects at center of east side gun fight investigation

(Source: WOIO)
(Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, prosecutor Michael O'Malley and police chief Calvin Williams addressed the public Monday following a rash of violence over Thanksgiving weekend.

"As you know, when children are involved, it's particularly troubling," said Jackson. "As we move ahead, we want to make sure that our citizens know the senseless acts of violence...are not tolerated."

According to Williams, one 15-year-old suspect has been arrested and police are searching for another 15-year-old in connection with the deadly shooting.

Cleveland 19 will not name the first suspect as he's been arrested and awaiting charges.

"Why is a 15-year-old walking around with a handgun? Why are two or three 15 year-olds walking around with handguns?" asked Williams while reflecting on the tragic incident.

Both will likely be charged as adults, said O'Malley, for aggravated murder and attempted murder; Cleveland's juvenile court will make that determination.

O'Malley said the shooting may have been gang-related, but wouldn't say so definitively citing the ongoing investigation.

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