Ohio police act as delivery men after Amazon shipment comes up short

SOUTH RUSSELL, OH (WOIO) - A group of Amazon customers in South Russell expected their packages to arrive on Monday.

They did, but not on their doorsteps as they expected.

Instead, the boxes were left at the end of their driveways; a South Russell police officer noticed them there late Monday afternoon.

"He noticed they were from Amazon, so he called me over. We actually took the packages and carried them up to the houses, and we found out this was not the only neighborhood it was happening in," said Police Chief Michael Rizzo.

It happened in about 12 deliveries throughout the village, according to police. He says residents were grateful to them for taking the packages to the doorstep, out of the way of temptation to potential thieves.

"In the manner they were left, right by the road, it would be extremely simple for them just to pull over and grab the package and run," said Rizzo.

Rizzo spoke to the driver, who told them she was worried to drop off the boxes on people's doorsteps.

"The driver was concerned she may be confronted by dogs," said Rizzo. "That's the reason she did not approach the homes."

Melinda Stees lives on one of the streets impacted by the deliveries.

She got her package safely, but says she has had trouble with deliveries before, although those were also with independent companies or drivers, not the postal service.

"The package would be on the way and the tracking notices would say it had been delivered, but I didn't get anything. I'd contact Amazon and they'd say, give it another day, it still wouldn't show up," Stees said.

She said eventually, Amazon stopped using that company, and she hasn't had any problems since.

We contacted Amazon to see what their standard procedure is for dropping off packages. They told us drivers are supposed to hand the package to a person. They'll try three times to safely deliver your order before it goes back to their warehouse, while the customer receives a refund.

Amazon says they are looking into the incident and the driver to make sure this doesn't happen again.

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