2 local teachers create educational way to get kids to turn off electronics

HUDSON, OH (WOIO) - Two local teachers are unveiling a brand new system they designed for parents to help get their preschool-aged children ready for school.

The product is called K-3 Climbers, and some may liken it to "Blue Apron" for your kids, only it's educational.

"Parents would always ask us, 'what else can we do with our children?' And while we would offer suggestions, we knew being parents and teachers, that it's really hard to make that happen with the busy lives that we all lead," The co-creator of K-3 Climbers Anne Larson said.

K-3 Climbers is an educational at home kit.

Customers purchase a monthly subscription after making an initial investment into a basic kit full of games that parents can do with their kids.

Activities can be done in just 20 minutes a day.

Larson and Katie Barger, both of Hudson, left their teaching jobs to make K-3 Climbers a reality.

Both said they found educational kits on the market, but not quite like theirs.

"They tended to be crafty, whereas we are trying to provide a tool of educational skills, and really building foundational skills with the parent," Barger said.

The system is purposely designed to get kids to turn off their electronics and get them interacting with their parents.

"Our perspective is to stay away from the digital, stay away from the technology, because it is really important to have one on one conversation, one on one contact. We organize everything for a parent, so it's very easy for them to implement," said Larson.

K-3 Climbers is relatively new, and so far, some of K-3 Climbers clients include fellow educators who are using the system with their own kids.

"She didn't realize that she was learning, but she was the whole time. So it really set her apart," Andrew Pfiefer said.

Pfiefer's daughter uses the system.

The cost of the initial kit is $135. A monthly subscription is around $35, depending on the package that you purchase.

The creators of K-3 Climbers hope to eventually have their kits offered up by schools everywhere.

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