Watch full surveillance video from Barley House incident with YouTube stars

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Following a Cleveland 19 report that included portions of surveillance video showing physical fights at the Barley House in Cleveland, viewers demanded to see unedited raw footage of the events on social media.

The scenes involve YouTube personalities Alissa Violet and Ricky "FaZe" Banks.

They have millions of social media followers and thousands of their fans requested to see the full version of the video.

In the interest of transparency, Cleveland 19 News asked Barley House to provide more of the pertinent surveillance video and we are posting it here to allow viewers to make up their own minds.

Please know in advance the time stamps for each of the five cameras included in this footage are different however the scenes show a continuous stream of pertinent events.

The Barley House said the time codes on the different security cameras are not all synchronized and it does not include sound.

Editor's note: It has been suggested by Banks on Twitter that Barley House and WOIO/WUAB have a financial relationship. In June 2015, posted a cooking segment that was recorded at Barley House. According to sales records, that segment was not a paid segment, and Barley House was chosen by the production crew. In fact, in researching sales records dating back several years, it appears Barley House has never been an advertiser on WOIO or WUAB-TV.

Violet posted on social media a claim that she and Banks were injured by employees at the Barley House.

Banks said he was "choked out" by employees and that it happened because an employee tried to grab his girlfriend's butt.

Barley House managing partner Corey May said that's not what happened and said since the incident, Barley House employees have been receiving threats via social media.

The Cleveland Police Department sent the media two police reports Nov. 30 involving the Barley House incident on Nov. 26.

In one report filed Nov. 26,  Joshua Richard Butler, 26, of Brunswick accuses Johnny Vasko of assault. Butler told police he was involved in a verbal fight when Vasko pushed and then punched him, according to the Cleveland Police report.

In an additional police report filed Nov. 26, Ritchie Edward Madison, 27, of Lakewood accuses Ricky Banks of assault. Madison told police he was working security at Barley House when Banks was in a restricted area in the basement of the bar, according to the Cleveland Police report. Madison told police he tried to get Banks to leave but Banks pushed him and started to punch him, the police report states.

Cleveland 19 News reached out to both Violet and Banks for comment in direct messages on Instagram Nov. 29. At publishing time, neither had responded on Instagram.

Banks did release a new YouTube video since the event giving his version of the events and asking his followers to stop harassing Barley House employees.

Warning: Graphic language.

He also gave an in-depth interview to DramaAlert about the incident.

Warning. Graphic language. 

Barley House has released its own professionally produced YouTube video with surveillance footage about what they said transpired early in the morning Nov. 26.

Warning: Graphic language. 

Here is the full statement released by the Barley House on Facebook Nov. 26 after the incident:

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