Lorenzo's Pizzeria donates custom tricycle to longtime employee

OBERLIN, OH (WOIO) - Tracy Ellis who's living with down syndrome has been riding his special tricycle back and forth to work at Leonardo's Pizzeria in Oberlin for over a quarter of a century.

Unfortunately that hasn't been the case lately because his only form of transportation was stolen this past weekend while he was in church.

Now thanks to his boss and friend Larry Cariglio, things are finally starting to look up.

Ellis has been working at Lorenzo's pizzeria for the past three decades.

"He's just a very uplifting person for literally everyone who works here. There's no one who works around here that will not respect him," Cariglio said.

Since 1984, Ellis has done any and everything at the restaurant, from making pizza, to being owner Larry Cariglio's right-hand man.

So naturally when he heard about what happened to Tracy's custom tricycle, he immediately sprang into action, quickly ordering Ellis the exact same make and model.

"We called swerve on Monday. I said look just order this bike and we'll take care of it," Cariglio said.

"I'd like a new bike," Ellis said when reminiscing on his original tricycle.

Swerve Bike Shop Owner, Joe McHugh said Ellis' bike being isn't necessarily anything out of the ordinary.

"It was stolen right outside of the church. We go though more locks than you can imagine. It they're bike aren't locked up then they're gone," McHugh said.

"It was just a very high quality bike that was made probably to his standards as far as his height and leg length and all that," Cariglio said.

But at least in the mean time, things can go back to normal for Tracy as he makes it through life, one pizza at a time.

"If Tracy's having a problem, we're gonna help him. What he brings to us is very uplifting to everybody," Cariglio said.

Tracy's new bike will be ready for pick up first thing Friday Morning.

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