Cleveland Browns fan, in bid to mock front office, planning 'Perfect Season Parade 2.0'

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland loves a good parade.

For the last 175 years, the Irish have marched through downtown Cleveland on St. Patrick's Day. Over 100,000 people show up annually to watch and participate in the revelry.

When the Cavs won the NBA Championship there were an estimated 1.3 million people in downtown Cleveland cheering on the champs.

And now plans are in place for the Perfect Season Parade 2.0, an initiative being spearheaded by Chris McNeil.

McNeil is an all-around Cleveland sports fan who has built quite the twitter following poking fun at the Cleveland Browns.

Last year at this time McNeil had all the plans in place for a parade in honor, so to speak, of the Browns who looked to be on their way to an 0-16 season.

The Browns, however, won a game and the parade plans were canceled.

Here we are again.

The Browns are 0-11 and McNeil has once again made arrangements with the city to host a parade should the Browns roll to an 0-16 record.

"This is supposed to be an ironic parade, this is supposed to be something that is mocking the front office right now and mocking ownership while we at the same time are having our own little inside joke with it." he said.

Of course there are critics who say there is not much to celebrate in going 0-16 but McNeil claims they are missing the point.

A "fun protest" is how he would characterize the parade.

He's hoping the front office takes notice and realizes that fans are fed up with the constant losing.

"So we're going to go out there and 'celebrate,' and that's in quotes, because we're not really celebrating, although some people misunderstand it. It's really more of us showing our passion."

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