The story behind why there's a Bible next to the Slyman's cash register

Slyman's famous corned beef sandwich. (Source: WOIO)
Slyman's famous corned beef sandwich. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Hundreds of people every week get stuffed on Slyman's monstrously mounded corned beef sandwiches but how many have ever noticed the Bible sitting next to the cash register?

Twenty years ago Moe Slyman, the co-owner of the famous Cleveland deli at 3106 St. Clair Ave., was attending to Bible school.

One day Slyman left his Bible open by the register and decided to leave it there.

"We're all going to be in heaven one day, I just hope I'm not running a deli up there," Slyman previously said.

He's got several Bibles on a shelf that he rotates through, and they all have notes in them to his children.

Slyman said it's so his kids can read the notes when he passes away.

But for now, they sit open for customers to read a quick passage when paying.

"Nobody stands up for Jesus anymore," Slyman said with a huge smile. "It's tough to be a follower of Jesus especially in the world we live in. So I'm just trying to be a little light to people that's all."

Slyman admitted Bible school was a little rough for him.

"Corned beef was my calling not the ministry," he said.

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