Portage County fatal crash: Witness says experimental plane dropped out of the sky

PORTAGE COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - The Ohio State Highway Patrol and the FAA are investigating a plane crash in Portage County that occurred Sunday afternoon.

It appears the plane simply fell from the sky, killing pilot Stephen Paulus.

Doctor Bowler is a pilot at Portage County Airport and a friend of Paulus.

"I was working on my hangar, number five here when I saw Steve coming on final approach."

Bowler said Paulus was a good and experienced pilot.

It was clear to Bowler that something was wrong.

"Suddenly the plane was not correct to me. He was coming down for final approach, but he started acting erratically. It moved left, then he bent right. Then he did another ascent, strange," he said.

The end result of whatever happened in the air appeared in the form of crumpled wreckage discovered by a homeowner on Nicodermus Road, likely hours after the crash.

At mid afternoon Monday, the highway patrol was still on the scene guarding the wreckage until Federal investigators arrive to try and determine what happened.

Paulus had just purchased the plane, an experimental model -- Titan Tornado Two.

Paulus had built his last plane, one he flew for about five years.  He was from Rootstown and worked as an electrical technology instructor at the Portage Lakes Career Center.

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