Eastlake Police: FedEx driver foils $12,000 scam targeting the elderly

Eastlake Police: FedEx driver foils $12,000 scam targeting the elderly

EASTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - A shrewd FedEx driver nearly delivered $12,000 to alleged scam artists who had coaxed elderly people into sending them the cash; however, before the money reached the intended address, the driver grew suspicious and called police.

According to Eastlake police, scammers will call elderly people, pretend to be police officers, glean useful information about respective family members and tell the victims a close relative is in jail.

A second con artist will call, muffle their voice with fake crying and tell the victim to send the money immediately.

In this case, the Eastlake victims were instructed to send $12,000 to an out-of-state address to post the relative's bail.

Police warn that law enforcement officers will never ask individuals to send cash or gift cards to any locations.

Scammers will identify themselves as police officers, IRS Agents, social security investigators, FBI agents and other officials.

Police also warn to never provide bank account information, social security numbers or credit card information to people that call or request the information on the internet.

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