'I regret everything I done that day', former UofA student sentenced for drunken fatal fast-food fight

Scheid in court (Source: WOIO)
Scheid in court (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A former University of Akron college student was sentenced to three years in prison for a drunken fight that took the life of his good friend and roommate Duncan Unternaher.

Kendal Scheid was sentenced on the one year anniversary of the death of the man he was convicted of killing.

"I'm sorry I took your son, brother away from you," said Scheid to the victim's family in court. "I regret everything I done that day."

Scheid pleaded guilty to fatally stabbing his roommate in the heart at their apartment after an alcohol-fueled argument about fast food.

Scheid  had called the threat a joke, and the stabbing an accident.

His side seemed to move Judge Mary Margaret Rowlands as she addressed the victim's mother's pain saying, "There is no moving on or getting over it.  Please understand that is because love lasts forever. It is a continuing loss that unfolds minute by minute over the course of a lifetime."

Scheid, 23, of Norwalk, could have received up to 11 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter charges.

Police say Scheid and Unternaher -- also 23, of Newark -- were drunk when they got into an argument about fast food they were eating at their off-campus apartment last December.

Scheid's attorney has called it an "unfortunate accident" and has said that Scheid had another roommate call 911 to get help after the stabbing.

Judge Rowlands made it clear to both sides that she would be open to judicial release after the minimum sentence of six months was served.

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