WARNING: Purses stolen from cars at gas stations

SOUTH EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - South Euclid police are warning people who are out pumping gas to be aware of so-called "sliders," who have already snatched two purses in two separate crimes in the past few days.

Sliders get their name because they prey on victims who are pumping gas and slide up, unnoticed, to steal purses and other valuables.

The victims, according to South Euclid officer Joe Di Lillo, were both at the Shell station at the busy intersection of Cedar and Green Roads.

"There's a lot of foot traffic, people coming and going. It's always important to be cognizant of what's going on around you," said Di Lillo.

One of the South Euclid victims, who did not want to be identified, said, "I went through a range of emotions. At first I was frantic and then I was simply angry."

Her husband canceled the stolen credit cards, but she told us she lost $20 in cash and $300 in gift cards.

Di Lillo's advice, for anyone, is to make sure cellphones, wallets or purses are either on your person or locked in your car when you're out pumping gas.

And, should you ever see someone trying to steal something out of your car, do not confront them.

"The last thing you want to do is to risk physical harm to yourself by confronting an individual in a parking lot," Di Lillo said. "You don't know what their background is or if they have a weapon on them."

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