Sharp Saint Edward senior devises social media plan to dodge final exam

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - A Saint Edward High School student had a plan to get bonus points for his class on their final exam.

Now, his tweet is getting national attention.

"I was sitting at the beginning of class and I asked Mr. Corcoran how many retweets would it take for us not to take a final," said senior Brandon Riley.

His math teacher said he would allow one bonus point for every 500 retweets Riley got.

"Shook hands, took a picture, posted it online, tagged some people and it kinda blew up," he said.

Riley thought the two pictures he posted would only get a couple thousand retweets.

"Overnight I've gotten over 10,000 retweets all in itself.  Now, I'm sitting at 40,000 and rapidly climbing," said Riley.

Dan Corcoran is Brandon's math teacher at St. Ed's.

"It originally started with them not wanting a final, and of course, I wanted them to take the final because they're in the BC calculus class." said Corcoran.

"I'm trying to do homework but at the same time my phone is blowing up because of how many text messages I'm getting from friends," said Riley.

Even some local celebrities have retweeted it.

"There's a lot of St. Edward alumni helping. I know WWE wrestler Doug Ziggler retweeted it. It kind of helped him out a little bit. I know Brandon is big part of the Bluecoats, which is a huge drumline band that goes across the country. He got them to retweet it," said Corcoran.

Corcoran still plans to hand out the final, but he's willing to give them a break with the bonus points earned with the retweets.

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