'A Christmas Story' is not the No. 1 holiday movie in Ohio

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A nationwide look at each state's favorite Christmas movie says a lot about Cleveland's beloved "A Christmas Story."

Even thought Cleveland was the backdrop for much of the movie, including the Christmas Story House, it's not the favorite Christmas movie in the state of Ohio. In fact, it's only number one in one state, Utah according to CableTV.com.

The list used the top-rated holiday movies as ranked by viewers over at AMC(American Movie Classics) then, cross-referenced them with Google Trends state data from the past decade.

The clear winner for the number one movie in the most states is "Home Alone."

The second most popular movie in the country, also the favorite for Ohio, is "Elf."


Here is the map for the favorite movies from across the country according to CableTV.com:

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