Woman carjacked in University Heights, police warn of crime increase

UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - The University Heights Police Department is investigating an early morning carjacking that left one woman shaken.

They say it happened around 6 a.m. Monday.

The victim told police she was on her way to a yoga class.

She told investigators she parked in the annex lot on Green Road and said four men pulled up in a white BMW.

According to the victim, the men pulled a gun on her, demanded cash and her keys.

She complied, and two men drove away in her car, a white Mercedes.

The other two drove off in the vehicle the four had driven to the scene.

The victim was not harmed.

John Carroll University officials said she is not affiliated with the university.

However, JCU Police posted a warning on social media, exactly one week before the carjacking.

They said a student had parked his car in a lot near the administration building, and attended class.

When he returned to the lot after class, his car was missing.

The student filed a police report, but the car has not been found.

The post by JCU Police warned of an increase in this kind of crime in the area. That's putting some people who frequent that area on high alert.

"It's never an okay thing to have anybody be highjacked or have a gun pulled up on them," said Amber Joslin, who lives in University Heights. "It's definitely a scary thought. Scary in general. It can always affect anybody's life, especially if it goes further than what it is."

"We definitely try to live in a safer area so we don't have the issues, but again, with a big city, I feel like there's going to be those people out there," Alexandra Seegert said.

If you have information that can help crack these cases, call the police at 216-397-1234.

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