Vigil held for Salvation Army shooting victim

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A vigil was held for Jared Plesec, the 21-year-old Salvation Army volunteer who was fatally shot Saturday morning.

Around a hundred people attended the vigil at the Salvation Army on Grovewood Avenue in Cleveland.

"It's just crazy how much support throughout the community there is. I just wanted to say that he was so helpful in the community with the Salvation Army.  He would do anything to put another before himself.  I think that's exactly what he's going to be remembered by," Plesec's cousin Lauren Gornick said.

Crime spree murder victim was wearing Salvation Army uniform when he was shot

Cleveland City Council approved a resolution dedicating a portion of a Cleveland roadway in memory of Plesec.

The stretch of Grovewood Avenue between East 176th Street and East 177th Street in Cleveland's Collinwood neighborhood now honors Plesec.

Residents still reeling from death of Salvation Army volunteer; alleged shooter's bond set at $5M

"The showing of people here is such a testament to who he was.  As angry as I want to be and much as I just want to say lets get him, this phrase keeps ringing over and over in my head is WWJD, What would Jared do?" Plesec's cousin Marge Kowalski said.

Plesec was shot in the head while in uniform Saturday morning at the Euclid Beach Villa apartment complex.

Police have charged the man who went on a crime spree that spread across 20 miles on Saturday.

William Ted Jones has been charged with aggravated murder.

The funeral for Plesec will be held at 6 p.m. on Dec. 8 at the Salvation Army on Grovewood Avenue.

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