Sashi Brown may want to stay off of social media after being fired by Cleveland Browns

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Sashi Brown has been with the Browns since 2013, and promoted to Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the Browns in 2016, and now he's been fired Dec. 7.

That's long enough to have his finger prints all over the record of 1-27 over the past two seasons since he was the man behind the draft picks for the Browns.

After the announcement of Brown's firing, social media has not been kind.

Well except for one invitation to participate in the 0-16 parade if the Browns don't find away to win one of their last four.

The firing of Sashi Brown means the carousel of ex-Browns management and coaches just added another horse.

Not lost on the fans is this means the rebuild continues. Can it really be called a rebuild after 25 years?

As Sashi packs up his boxes fans aren't letting him off the hook for what may go down as the biggest flub and embarrassing moment of his tenure. When the Browns failed to file paperwork correctly with the NFL before the trade deadline to get quarterback AJ McCarron.

Former ESPN sportcaster, and Cleveland native, Jay Crawford is already looking to the future and how important the hiring of Sashi's replacement will be.

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