Want to make a big difference during the holidays? It's easy: be nice (Editorial)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - With Thanksgiving in our rear-view mirror, it's finally, really Christmas time.

The holidays are here, the trees are going up, the lights are too -- even the weather looks like it's finally going to get with the program.

But it still can be difficult to get that warm feeling with so many issues in front of us all these days.

Maybe this will help:

Last week a woman in Canton found herself in front of two Stark County deputies in line at a restaurant and decided to pay for their dinner. When the deputies found out, they thanked the woman, only to find out she was facing some difficulties – including the fact her 4-year-old son might have cancer, again.

The woman left and the deputies wanted to do something for her, but they didn't have a name.

However, they knew how to find one – social media.

They posted the selfie they took with her and asked everyone to help track her down.

On Wednesday evening at a restaurant in Canton, this woman went above and beyond to express a kind gesture to two of our...

Posted by Stark County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, November 30, 2017

Social media being what it is, they found her and now the Stark County Sheriff has invited the woman's entire family to this year's Shop with a Sheriff program.

When the family gets there, they'll be partnered with -- you guessed it -- the deputies the woman bought dinner for.

A woman standing in a restaurant, with a lot of weight on her mind. Two deputies standing behind her, charged with protecting a community. Three people who all went above and beyond, with the results being so much bigger than anyone would have thought.

That's the holidays.

No, our problems – personal and countrywide – aren't going away anytime soon. But if we all keep our eyes open and look for opportunities to help others each day, maybe a lot of those problems wouldn't be so big. We've got to stay positive.

Here's hoping the holiday season reminds everyone that nice gestures really can change the world.

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