A look at the top 2017 GoFundMe campaigns nationally and in Ohio

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The social fundraising platform GoFundMe has announced its top campaigns for 2017 that raised the most money.

The report called, "A year of Giving" says the top campaign nationally was the Las Vegas Victims' Fund raising more than $11.6 million.

Ohio by the numbers for 2017:

Ohioans were very active and giving in 2017. According to GoFundMe 455,000 people donated to at least one campaign which is the 9th most in the US.

Also in Ohio there were 38,000 campaigns started this year.

Here is a look at the top three fundraisers in Ohio in 2017:

Fundraiser for Prasanth Kandula $261,985

Prasanth Babu Kandula suffered an acute brain stem stroke in September.

His brother has been raising money for his treatment at MetroHealth Medical Center.

Bresha Meadows(Latessa family) $155,660

There aren't a lot of details posted on the page for Bresha Meadows from Cleveland.

Only that she is receiving treatment at a facility and that she and her family have been victims of domestic violence for 20 years.

Ryan Custer 33 Recovery Fund $109,300

Ryan Custer was a freshman basketball player for Wright State University in Dayton.

His campaign says the 19-year-old, "...critically injured his neck shattering his c5 vertebrae. Currently Ryan has no feeling in his legs and signs that he may have feeling and movement in his arms."

The injury happened when Custer tried to jump into a shallow pool at a party.

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