What people are saying about the Cleveland Browns new GM

BEREA, OH (WOIO) - Unfortunately, Cleveland Browns fans have seen this before.

Fire a General Manager. Then hire one. Fire one. Hire one. Fire the next one, and so on.

Welcome, John Dorsey.

He's next to fill the seat (that didn't even have time to get cold) after the firing of Sashi Brown.

There's another pattern when you look at social media and the way Browns fans react.

Fortunately, we've seen so many hirings and firings it's not that hard to think back.

When a hire is made most fans love it, throw rose petals and even offer to help the new guy move in.

When a GM is fired most fans claim they knew it all along and say the guy wasn't a good fit. They throw darts and daggers and don't offer to move out those same boxes.

So enjoy the social media love now Mr. Dorsey. It can go south quickly. Just search Sashi Brown on Twitter.

To be fair there are a lot of skeptics out there too. But can you blame them?

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