Cuyahoga Falls residents rallying around couple celebrating 75 years of marriage

CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH (WOIO) - It's a celebration 75 years in the making.

That's right: Robert and Elouise Vandall have spent the last 27,375 days together.

"I'm glad she said yes," said Robert when thinking about his wife.

"The longer we dated, the more we liked each other," said Robert

The couple eloped back in 1942 when the two of them were just teenagers.

Robert remembers it quite clearly.

The two were in church shortly after Robert received a notice to take a military physical.

"I said why don't we just go and get married," said Robert.

Unfortunately he failed the physical, but luckily didn't pass up on a lifetime friend.

Since then the two have been inseparable.

"That's how we got married. She said yes. Had she said no, I don't know what would have happened," said Robert.

"We need to celebrate every day that they have and be thankful for it," said the couple's daughter, Pat Carano.

This is what everyone at The Garden of Western Reserve assisted living home is doing.

"I said it's your 75th. We have to throw a great big party for you," said Jessica Merritts who works at the retirement community.

Robert has some advice for those looking for a long lasting marriage.

"If I wanted to be funny, i would say to just always say, 'Yes, dear,'" said Robert.

Robert and Elouise aren't the only Vandalls who have been married for such a long period of time.

Several of their children have been married for decades as well.

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