Salvation Army shooting victim Jared Plesec celebrated at funeral

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me."

That old spiritual started the home-going ceremony for the 21-year-old man, Jared Plesec, who died with a bible in his hand.

The Grovewood Avenue Salvation Army center was filled with grace and remembrances of Jared Plesec. He was gunned down even as he was doing God's work; he died trying to save the man who shot him.

Major Daniel Alverio of the Salvation Army smiles as he talks about the young man who touched so many people's lives.

"Today we celebrate the life of Jared. I know that we're used to going to events like this and we feel broken and we grieve and that's understandable. But  today we come together to celebrate his legacy to celebrate what he stood for, what he preached,what he taught about."

So many people showed up, they had to hold his funeral in the gym. Even then, there was standing room only. More than 20 people lined up to talk about their friend, to talk about their loss. Among them, Meaka Whiting.

"I cooked for Jared plenty of times over here. All three of my sons were under his care," Whiting said.

Whiting says Jared was NOT like family to here, he WAS family.

"He was there for the community. My sons miss him. I'm going to miss him, especially making him chicken. That child was gifted in a way that I've never seen."

Trevon Cochrane also smiles as he remembers the good times he and Jared had at the center.

"He was just Jared. He was just being him. He was just living life," said Cochrane.

Person after person, friend after friend broke down as they remembered Jared's goodness, especially Trevon.

"I'm going to miss him so much. We used to be right here in this hallway and just laugh, chill. I was with him the last day before he got killed."

His home-going was a reflection of the diversity of the people he touched.

In the end, another solemn song of praise for the young man who would have turned 22 in just seven days.

"Precious lord, take my hand, lead me on let me stand."

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