Men vs. Women: Who wins Christmas?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The shopping rewards app shopkick has just put out its statistics to try and determine who wins Christmas and Christmas giving; men or women?

In a new survey, the app had 3,700 people respond to questions measuring attitudes, traditions and shopping habits for 2017.

Who are the best gift givers?

This could be debated until the needles fall off the tree.

When asked who gives the best gifts;

-58 percent of women say they are the best gift givers

-38 percent of men say they are


You're out shopping for the kids and you see something for yourself. In the words of Cousin Eddie, do you "Pick yourself up something, really nice."

-61 percent of men will buy themselves a gift this holiday season

-52 percent of women will buy themselves something

Who do you spend the most on?

You set out with a budget and a plan. Whether you stick to it or not, who do you spend the most money on? Your kids or your spouse?

-55 percent of women say they will spend the most money on their kids

-47 percent of men spend the most on their spouses

Here is the full break down of how those surveyed will spend their money this Christmas.


  • 55% = Kids
  • 26% = Spouse
  • 15% = Parents
  • 3% = Friends
  • 1% = In Laws


  • 47% = Spouse
  • 24% = Parents
  • 22% = Kids
  • 5% = Friends
  • 2% = In laws

Cash or card?

The survey also asked about receiving cash or gift cards.

According to shopkick, the majority of respondents, 39 percent, prefer to receive gift cards; 34 percent prefer cash; and 27 percent favor a personalized gift.

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