Cleveland City Hall raid: Here are the projects awarded to company named in federal search warrant

Cleveland City Hall (Source: WOIO)
Cleveland City Hall (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The city of Cleveland has released more than 70 pages of documents connected to contracts awarded to Burton Scot Contractors, one of the companies listed on a federal search warrant that was executed at Cleveland City Hall last week.

Burton Scot has been awarded more than $7.4 million in contracts since 2015, according to the published documents.

The first listed contract is for improvements to the Collinwood Athletic Complex. The contract deals with improvements to the parking lot; it is worth nearly $1.6 million and calls for the company to service the lot from 2016 through 2040.

The documents outline an itemized list of project costs.

The company was also awarded a contract from 2015 through April of 2017, worth more than $5.8 million for "the public improvement of repairing and constructing improvements to city right-of-ways, including but not limited to roadways, bus pads, sidewalks, driveway aprons, curbs, curb ramps, brick streets and appurtenances.

The original bid request is not included in the documents posted online. Cleveland 19 has requested the original request for bids as well as the location for any work completed by Burton Scot as a part of the completion of this contract.

Cleveland 19 has also requested information about other bidders for each of these projects.

The release of the contracts comes just a day after Burton Scot released a statement which read in part that the company has worked with the city and the county for years and "all the work we have delivered was competitively bid and competitively awarded. We don't know what investigators were looking for when agents executed a search warrant at city hall last week but we are glad to answer any of their questions."

Cleveland 19 will continue to update this story.

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