Hue Jackson: Should he stay or should he go?

Hue Jackson: Should he stay or should he go?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - We'll start with the case FOR Hue Jackson. It's kinder, and it's quicker. There are three reasons to keep him.

1. He just doesn't have the talent on the roster to win. We all know who they passed on in the past two drafts, specifically the quarterbacks. It's tough to know what to believe when it comes to who Hue wanted, and how much say he had in that war room. But the quarterbacks he has just aren't ready, or talented enough, to get it done.

2. Changing head coaches may not be bigger than changing GM's, but the fix takes longer to play out. New coach, new playbook. Here we go again.

3. His players haven't quit. That's gotta mean something, right?

The case AGAINST Hue Jackson is more in-depth. His players haven't quit because they're auditioning for jobs in 2018. Are they really playing for Jackson? How do you think they feel when he throws this roster under the bus every week? Browns linebacker Christian Kirksey may not have been aiming directly at Hue yesterday when he tweeted this:

And the second youngest roster in the league, the Rams, is 9-4. Because they're coached up. Which brings me to the quarterback whisperer. Hue is supposedly the guru. Yet in two seasons, not one quarterback on his roster has one win in this league. Kizer has improved, but not at the pace we should expect.

Jackson has made baffling in-game decisions concerning challenges, time-outs, strategy. His failure to bring in an offensive coordinator has cost this team two years of development. And most of all, in his last 34 games as a head coach, going back to his days with the Raiders, he's 2-32. Can John Dorsey really move forward with Hue Jackson?

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