Road next to city employee's property repaved according to raid documents

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A short, dead end road that was resurfaced as a part of a multimillion dollar city resurfacing project is directly next to property owned by a city employee.

That employee, Khalid Ewais, also owns a side business that was a focus of a federal search warrant executed on Cleveland's City Hall last week.

One of the documents the city released after business hours on Wednesday, was a one page document itemizing the cost of resurfacing West 62nd place in Cleveland's Ward three.

The road, which begins at Storer Avenue and dead ends, is only about 300 feet long.

According to the newly released document, it cost more than $9,300 to resurface, and it runs along property owned by Ewais.

Documents and plans connected to Ewais' side business, Pioneer Engineering, were listed on a warrant receipt left at Cleveland's city hall after a December 6 raid.

According to the Cleveland FBI, investigators from several federal agencies including the FBI, IRS, and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development all participated in the after-hours "authorized law enforcement activity."

The Cleveland FBI said that more additional information cannot be provided because the investigation is under seal by a federal court.

Cleveland has released multiple documents connected to the raid, including the warrant receipt, a statement related to Ewais' employment with the city, and multiple concrete and other construction projects with the city.

Cleveland 19 does not know who or what is the focus of any possible federal investigation, and no one has been arrested or charged with anything in connection with the raid.

Cleveland 19 will continue to update this story.

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