5 reasons to watch Tailgate 19, will the Browns finally win a game?

5 reasons to watch Tailgate 19, will the Browns finally win a game?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland Browns are still looking for their first win of the season.

The Browns will play against the Baltimore Ravens at 1 p.m. on Sunday.

Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Of course we're talking about Hue Jackson, who is in danger of becoming only the second NFL head coach in history to run the table to 0-16 (Rod Marinelli, 2008 Detroit Lions).

Jimmy Haslam said last week that Hue will remain in 2018, but was the owner just trying to deflect that question on the same day he was introducing his new general manager?

Will John Dorsey really have no say in who should be coaching this team next season?

Dorsey raised eyebrows on Thursday when he said he needed to get some "real" football players, which seems to support Hue's future.

Golic, Beanie and Pierre will debate this issue with me.

Turnover Machine vs. Turnover Machine

That would be DeShone Kizer (17 INT's, 5 fumbles) vs. the Baltimore Ravens defense (NFL-best 20 interceptions, 9 recovered fumbles).

Kizer struggled through the first meeting back in Week 2...with the Ravens, and a migraine.

Now I feel a migraine coming on when I think about the rematch. Kizer is coming off his best day as a pro (3 TD's), but he also turned the ball over twice against the Packers, including in overtime.

Does anybody still believe he can be the long-term answer at QB? We're getting the analysts take on that.

Open Auditions

When asked on Wednesday if he feels that the Browns will be auditioning for their jobs down the stretch, Duke Johnson, one of their top playmakers, answered "You make it sound like a circus". Well, uh, yes Duke. Yes it is. But back to the auditions.

Johnson may have a year left on his rookie deal, and they certainly need more of him on the field in the future, not less, but...forget the fine print.

When you're unable to win a football game, everybody should be worried about their jobs.

Certainly, there is a core group that is safe. I'm sure Myles Garrett decided to buy, not rent. But Dorsey is watching.

These guys have three games left to make an impression. We'll break down who's on the endangered list.

Home Sweet Home

A year ago, the Browns managed only one win, but at least they managed to do it at home, in their final chance.

This is once again their final shot to make the Dawg Pound happy just once this season.

The fans aren't exactly coming out in full force anymore.

Endless losing, ugly weather...both are factors.

There seemed to be more Cheeseheads in the half-empty house last week than Browns fans. The Ravens fans don't travel that well, but....

Playoff Picture

The Ravens are still playing for something. Just as the Chargers were a week ago,  and the Jaguars and Lions before that.

That's why all this talk about "winnable" games has been silly. What's winnable?

Until you show that you know how to win, with big plays in crucial situations that, you know, actually seal the deal, then no game is winnable.

Put it on the coaching (I do), put it on the players (I do), but 0-13 is a massive collective failure. Is this game winnable? Doubtful. But I'll let the analysts weigh in on that one as well.

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