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2Strong4Bullies Contest ~ Help Stop Bullying Today!

Bullying is a growing problem in our society. Children cannot seem to escape the bullying.  They face it in school, on the playground, in texts, at home, on social media, the list goes on and on.

Cleveland 19 News and the Becker Law Firm have created the campaign 2STRONG4BULLIES not only to help protect the children being bullied but to encourage the bystanders to SPEAK UP against bullying!  We decided the age where we could most make an impact and spark change is with 3rd through 6th graders.  That's why we've come up with a contest and we are asking for your help!!!

We are looking for 3rd through 6th grades to help us create a book about bullying that we will publish!

How do you enter?

  • Print out the drawing and story description forms along with the Release form.
  • Have your art class, classroom or your kids at home color or draw a picture about bullying (see topics below) with a description on a separate attached page and send it to Cleveland 19 News.
  • We need parents permission so please have a parent sign the release form.

3rd through 6th grades can choose any of the following topics to draw and write about:

  • Examples of bullying
  • What to do if bullied
  • Why bullying hurts
  • How you feel when the bullying stops

Click Here to print drawing, story description and release forms.

We will select 25 DRAWINGS.  There will be 24 First Prize Winners and One Grand Prize Winner. 

Please let your children know even if they aren't chosen to be in our book, they are still "winners" in their efforts to fight bullying! Together we hope we can save lives by simply teaching our children to SPEAK UP or STAND UP to bullying.  We want every child to know people do care about them and it's OK to be different.  Be #2STRONG4BULLIES! We encourage you to talk to you students and/or children about BULLYING and DEPRESSION (feeling sad all the time), ANXIETY (worrying or nervous about things you can't control) and even SUICIDE.

So grab a pencil, crayon or marker and encourage your children to send us their drawings!

Send 2STRONG4BULLIES drawings, paragraph description and parent release form to:

Cleveland 19 News
Attn:  2STRONG4BULLIES Contest
1717 East 12th Street 
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
or you can scan them and email them back to AllWOIOContests@woio.com.

* Please make sure child's name and grade level is LEGIBLE on submission forms along with contact information.

Official Promotion Rules

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