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Buyers beware: Hotels are now tacking 'resort fees' to your final bill

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If you're one of the millions of people who book hotels online, you probably factor in the most affordable prices when making your purchase.

But beware, the advertised total may not be the "out-the-door" price you expected.

Some fees can be added that claim to be associated with a resort stay, even if you're not actually staying at one.

A resort fee, otherwise known as a destination or amenity fee, can add a few dollars a day, or up to hundreds of dollars to your final bill.

These fees can actually end up costing more than the room itself.

So what are guests getting?

In some cases, the "resort" charges cover newspapers or housekeeping -- services that guests have come to expect without extra fees.

Before purchasing room stays, consumers are encouraged to look at their itemized bill as well as the fine print that comes with purchasing rooms that appear to be listed at bargain rates.

To find out whether the hotel room you want to buy carries resort fees, refer to

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