New Cleveland EMT recruits to improve emergency response times

New Cleveland EMT recruits to improve emergency response times

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - When you call 9-1-1, police, fire and EMTs show up to help.

As of today, Dec. 18,  dozens more Emergency Medical Technicians got their badges and assignments.

Thirty nine EMT cadets proudly walked into Cleveland City Council chambers Monday afternoon. In about an hour they were sworn in as full-fledged Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics.

They rose to get their shiny new badges and certificates of completion.

"For those who chose to do and do it right you will have the greatest opportunity to impact the lives of individuals, families and communities. Particularly, in your situation where you will hold somebody's life in your hands," Mayor Frank Jackson said.

Jackson called joining the ranks of EMTs and public service an honorable profession and their families were there to support them.

Erin Luciano and Tramaine Stanley are good examples of the of the hard work and dedication it takes.

Both are among the new EMTs.

"It was really tough but it definitely prepared us well and I'm just happy to be going out on the streets now," Luciano said.

"It's been a pretty humbling experience. We had our ups and downs going through the academy," said Stanley. "To be honest, it took me a couple tries to pass my national registry but I'm here now and I'm happy to be part of the team."

The doctor who helped trained them, Thomas Collins, says he knows he can count of them to save lives.

"To know that the care that my patients are getting, even before they get to my door, or any door of any emergency department in the city they're going to have phenomenal care by smart, intelligent, compassionate people," said Collins.

"What we want is for EMS to have a shorter response time. Fire usually gets there first and what we've done is enhanced the manpower by 60," said Jackson.

Because of Jackson's enhanced budget, that is the passage of Issue 32, there will be from 21-25 units on the streets day side and 19-21 units night side and that starts on Tuesday.

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