DeShone Kizer hits rock bottom: Tony Z's Week 15 Report Card

DeShone Kizer hits rock bottom: Tony Z's Week 15 Report Card

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Yesterday I posed the question on Twitter: Would the '99 expansion Browns beat this year's team? The consensus is, yes, which is pretty impressive, since Tim Couch and his old teammates are now in their 40s.

But seriously, they were the only Browns team to run the table and go winless at home, until yesterday.

In the first quarter, DeShone Kizer threw his 18th interception of the season, five more than Couch threw his rookie year, but it was Kizer's 19th of the season that had his head coach, and the rest of us, bewildered, as he lobbed a pass into a pack of Ravens in the end zone early in the 4th.

According to Pro Football Focus, Kizer turns the ball over roughly 10% of the time in the red zone. Once every 10 plays. The average is once every 100 plays.

You can't possibly win that way. You can't even pass. "F".

After the game, Hue Jackson admitted to me that, yeah, he wonders if Kizer will ever "get it."

But what has Hue done to coach this kid up? He's the quarterback guru, supposedly, yet Kizer's gotten worse. None of his quarterbacks have improved. In two years. And despite this, his running backs carried it only a dozen times yesterday. 1-29, people. "F".

What was good? The defense had its' moments. Check out Myles Garrett's bull rush on that first drive that put Ronnie Stanley right into Flacco's lap, and Chris Kirksey's deflection saved a touchdown on the play.

And they had that goal line stand early in the second. Still can't cover a tight end, as our old friend Benjamin Watson reminded us, but that was one of only two touchdowns the D gave up. They once again gave 'em a chance to win.

That deserves a solid "B".

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