'Porch pirates' strike again, here are ways to stem delivery theft

TALLMADGE, OH (WOIO) - This is one of the busiest weeks for package deliveries, and you know thieves are keeping watch.

The social network Nextdoor says there's a 500 percent increase in posts about stolen or missing packages during the holiday months.

Like most of us, Josh Davis and his family do a lot of their holiday shopping online, which also means a lot of packages left on their front porch.

"My wife and I were both here. We got a package delivered. A buddy of mine saw it being delivered, right around 8 o'clock," Davis said.

When they went outside just a couple hours later to get the package, they found it opened, and whatever was inside was gone.

"I immediately called the police department and alerted them to it," Davis said.

He also posted the warning to his neighbors on Nextdoor.

"I bet you I had 10 responses within an hour," Davis said.

Josh doesn't know what the thief stole.

"I don't know. It's a Christmas present for me. My wife wouldn't tell me," Davis said.

But he is taking precautions so it doesn't happen again.

"I have shipped some to my folks' house. I did install a camera as well. Every time we get notified by UPS we come right out and pick it up, or have a neighbor get it for us," Davis said.

A useful tip: Have your packages delivered to a business, or a neighbor who is home at the time. Or, get a signature required for delivery.

According to a Nextdoor member survey, 43 percent of neighbors say they've had at least one package stolen.

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