Tech gifts you can literally buy on your way to the holiday party

Tech gifts you can literally buy on your way to the holiday party

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - When we say last minute tech gifts, we mean last minute.

In some cases the following gifts could be purchased at the last second, before you step out the door on your way to grandma and grandpa's house.

Cousin Eddie showing up and you didn't buy him a giant bag of dog food? We've got you covered.

Gift Cards:

Right now, think of a store.

Whatever popped into your head there's a better than average chance they sell a gift card for it. There's an even better chance that there is a 24 hour drug store near you that has a towering wrack of those cards.

Electronic girt cards:

Can't even find away to get to that drug store for the gift card. No worries. E-cards, or E-gift cards are even easier. Most stores offer this feature where you pay and the store sends an email to the person you bought it for. Or you can print out the card if you really need to hand that family member something.

Membership has its privileges:

Have a family member who uses Amazon Prime, or one you think would like a membership? You can buy them the whole year for $99 or just give them a three month tester for $33. They call it, "Give the Gift of Prime."

Video games by download

Many online retailer like Amazon sell video games and online memberships for almost all of the systems out there. Want to get Sally and Tommy the newest video game? You don't need to go to the store anymore. You purchased codes that the gamer downloads into their system and they have the game. No more discs and cartridges. Just make sure you know exactly with system they have, (ie. Xbox 360 or the Xbox One) and which games they already have. A lot of games have an online component in which gamers can play against people all over the world. To do that you need a membership. Those are also good gifts.

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