Tails R Waggin cuts ties with Tallmadge franchise in wake of alleged dog abuse video

TALLMADGE, OH (WOIO) - Tails R Waggin has cut ties with its Tallmadge franchise after video surfaced of a dog named Leo being treated roughly by the franchise owner, Amy Beach.

"People love their dogs, I mean who wants to see that," said Leo's owner Mike LaSalvia.

He felt helpless when he saw the video of his 1-year-old pit bull being pushed down, apparently stomped on, and later dragged -- nearly suspended by the collar -- to a door and booted out by Beach's foot.

Mike was vacationing in Mexico. All he could think to do was call his sister Nancy, who immediately picked the dog up.

With Leo safe, another sister accessed the video feed from Tails R Waggin and shot it off the screen with a cell phone.

LaSalvia niece, Jessica Christe, got busy at her computer.

She clicked away and in a day had more than 800,000 views telling Cleveland 19, "I'm used to marketing my business, so I just shared and shared and shared on as many groups as I could."

Others shared it, too -- 27,000 times.

LaSalvia is just happy Leo is OK.

In a statement, the embattled dog care owner says she acted instinctively because Leo growled. "I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am for the heartache this has caused the pit bull's owner and family, as well as our clients," said Beach.

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