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Aunts of missing 5-year-old blame sister and the system (VIDEO)

Ana and Michelle Rodriguez (Source: WOIO) Ana and Michelle Rodriguez (Source: WOIO)
Larissa Rodriguez (Source: CPD) Larissa Rodriguez (Source: CPD)
Detectives at West 80th Street home. (Source: WOIO) Detectives at West 80th Street home. (Source: WOIO)
CPD officers at West 80th Street home. (Source: WOIO) CPD officers at West 80th Street home. (Source: WOIO)

Hours into the search for a missing 5-year-old, two visibly upset aunts of the child show up claiming this all could have been avoided months ago.

"I'm disgusted with Larissa and I can't believe you honestly did this. Out of all your siblings you have the most kids, the most kids lovable kids, adorable kids, good kids and you just do something like this," Ana Rodriquez said. "Why don't you be woman enough Larissa, even if Jordan is not in this house or in this yard, tell us where the [expletive] he is!"

Cleveland police officers searched the home of Larissa Maria Rodriguez, 34, Monday, Dec. 18, but returned on Tuesday. They are acting on a tip that Larissa's 5-year-old son is buried in the backyard of 1361 West 80th St. 

Ana and Michelle Rodriguez say they called police and Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services months ago about their nephew. 

They claim the little boy was being abused and no one would help them.

The aunts also say the child has special needs, could not talk and mom's boyfriend, Christopher Rodriquez, would constantly beat the child. He is currently locked up in the Medina County Jail.

"The stuff that was going on in that house wasn't right," added Ana Rodriquez. "He would just beat on them for no reason. If they just did the wrong thing he would just beat on them."

"It's sad to say that I am the sister but we live different lifestyles and I just want my nieces and nephews," said Michelle Rodriguez. "I also called child services in September and they did nothing, they did absolutely nothing. I told them I called the cops the cops said they can't do nothing if there's no report."

Investigators scour backyard of west side home looking for 5-year-old

Larissa, who was taken into custody but has not been charged, told police her son has been in Texas with his father since Dec. 2. 

Police have not been able to verify mom's story.

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