Listen to Cleveland police call that led officers to human remains

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland police received a call from Pakistan from a man named Scott Rodriguez on Monday regarding a report of a missing 5-year-old boy.

Police responded to the home in question on Monday, located at 1361 West 80th St., and found nothing. Police returned to the home Tuesday and found human remains buried in the backyard.

Police have not yet released whether the remains are that of the missing 5-year-old boy.

The boy's mother, Larissa Maria Rodriguez, 34, has been taken into custody, and will be charged with murder and felonious assault on Thursday, according to Cleveland Police Public Information Officer Jennifer Ciaccia.

The tip caller is the brother of the child's stepdad, Christopher Rodriquez. who is currently in the Medina County Jail.

Scott Rodriguez told police that the child was found unresponsive and was buried in the backyard two months ago.

The little boy has special needs and is unable to speak.

Here's a breakdown of the audio of Cleveland police discussing the tip call:

Tape 1

13:33 – First dispatch, identifies Scott Rodriguez as the caller from Pakistan, says Christopher is Scott's brother and Larissa is Christopher's girlfriend

15:18 – Scott says Christopher called him in Pakistan, crying, saying they found the child with special needs unresponsive and buried him in the backyard

24:50 – Christopher told Scott about this a little while ago and "it's been bugging him" and he's been continuously calling Scott about it

29:39 – Dispatcher to officer - "He didn't say how long ago it was, just that it was a while ago"

Tape 2

0:06 – Dispatcher to officer --  it was two months ago that this supposedly happened

0:35 – Officer says he ran into Christopher Rodriguez over the summer

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