A Christmas dream comes true for a victim of a debit card skimmer

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - This Christmas will be a special one for a Parma woman, who earlier this year came to Cleveland 19 for help.

They looted it to the tune of $12,000.

She was saving the money as a down payment on her late grandmother's house.

In this case, it turns out that Christmas wishes do come true.

Krystle Smith was making no progress getting erroneous charges removed from her Green Dot debit card account when we met her.

After we contacted Green Dot she said that changed.

"I didn't think they would but by the grace of God they made it happen," Smith said.

Green Dot sent her a full refund.

With that situation behind her she set out to accomplish her life's goal, and now she's done it, buying her grandmother's home.

She said it is a place of warm memories.

"I got to hear stories from her about this house. This is where we had some of my best family memories, some of our greatest family parties," Smith said.

There are still lots of memories of the woman she calls Nana here, but now that she's settled in it is time to truly put her own stamp on the home.

"It's hard you know a lot of Nana's stuff is still here so going through that and you know gonna be difficult.  I'm sure at this point she's yelling at me, 'all right Krystle let it go'," Smith said.

This week she was decorating her Christmas tree.

The ornaments are new, but there is symbolism in the pieces.

One depicts a cardinal.

"She said those were messages from heaven and then the butterfly because she always said I was her butterfly," Smith said.

Krystle says her grandmother was a feisty woman that never gave up.  She didn't give up either, and this Christmas it is paying off.

Proving Christmas dreams do come true.

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