Most embarrassing moments in Cleveland sports history

Most embarrassing moments in Cleveland sports history

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - This is an embarrassing time for Cleveland football fans. The Browns are winless in the 2017 NFL season, and haven't come away with a victory since the Christmas Eve game a year ago.

There is a parade planned for the Browns if they go 0-16 on the season, but the losing streak may not be the low-point in Cleveland sports history.

  • 10 Cent Beer Night - In 1974 at Municipal Stadium, the Cleveland Indians hosted a 10 cent beer night. Things got out of hand when inebriated fans who consumed 60,000 beers started flooding the field in the middle of the game, streaking, kissing umpires, and stealing gear from the players. Players then rushed the diamond with baseball bats to defend each other. Nine people were arrested and seven were taken to the emergency room. Eventually, the umpires forces the Indians to forfeit the game to the Texas Rangers.
  • The Browns Leave for Baltimore - In 1995, former owner Art Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore in their 50th season in Cleveland because of lack of revenue. Fans, as well as several high-profile sponsors, partnered with Cleveland in a lawsuit against Modell's departure. To make matters worse, the Cleveland Browns-turned Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl just four years after the move. The Browns eventually returned to Cleveland in 1999.
  • Bottlegate - The infamous game between the Cleveland Browns and the Jacksonville Jaguars played in Dec. 2001 was memorable because of an overturned play benefiting the opposing team. Browns fans became upset with the NFL officials and began tossing beer bottles onto the playing field. The game ended with a Cleveland loss.
  • Burning LeBron's Jersey - LeBron James was supposed to be the Cleveland Cavaliers savior when he first joined the team out of high school. After several runs in the NBA playoffs without bringing home a title, LeBron took his "talents to South Beach" to join Dwyane Wade on the Miami Heat. Fans and team owner Dan Gilbert retaliated against LeBron by burning his jersey and penning an open letter denouncing The King. All was quickly forgotten when LeBron returned to Cleveland and won an NBA Championship with the Cavs.
  • Chief Wahoo Logo - The Cleveland Indians mascot made its debut in 1947. The team and Major League Baseball have slowly started to phase out the Chief Wahoo logo and is being replaced with the block-C logo. The Wahoo patch was still on the arm of the jerseys during the 2017 MLB season, but the block-C logo is becoming more prevalent on Tribe gear.

Other moments when Clevelanders anguished could include Michael Jordan's series-winning shots over the Cavs in 1989 and 1993, John Elway's game-winning drive against the Browns in the 1987 AFC Championship game, or the 1988 Earnest Byner fumble at the goal line during an AFC title rematch.

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