Will the Cleveland Browns finally win a game when they play against the Chicago Bears?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - How do the Cleveland Browns win against the Chicago Bears?

Turn up the heat on the rookie.

They are already good at stopping the run, they should provide a challenge to the Bears bruising running back Jordan Howard.

It's whether or not they can impact Mitchell Trubisky, and of course.

Whether or not DeShone Kizer can keep it together for four quarters.

It's easy to say that they need to win the turnover battle, you can say that about any game, but that is their best shot to win this game.

The Cleveland media, and fans, have been hard on Kizer at times. He's earned that. But we should not forget that on Sunday.

There will be two rookie quarterbacks out there. Make that work for you. Find a way to rattle Trubisky.

They do their best to not give him too much, but if you can stop Howard, guess who has to throw the ball to the rookie.

Make him make a play, then make him make another and another and another. That is the Browns best chance to avoid an 0-15 start to the season.

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